Showing your home in Colorado Winters

We’re almost there, Spring is so close! Yet, we are still in the winter season and it’s still important to remember these facts when trying to show and sell your home during this season.

showing homes in winter1When showing your home, leave those lights on! The best way to battle with Father Winter’s short and ubiquitous cloudy days is to turn on the lights on your home! Especially for a showing, every single light must be on, even in the closets or the utility rooms. Make sure the bulbs are functioning aand polished. You should stock up on the right bulbs in case any burn out so they can be replaced immediately. It’s a good idea to also keep the lights on in the front of your home even if showings aren’t scheduled. In today’s market with a lot of the first impressions being on the internet, people are driving by your home frequently! Make your home look happy and welcoming! Add some of that natural light by keeping your blinds and curtains open, let that light in! Let all the warm glow flood out into the harsh winter nights.

You should make sure there is lots of good parking. Move your cars a little further away so buyers have an easy place to park. They don’t want to park far away as it’s cold or have to climb a baby Mt. Everest to simply leave their car. Also move those cars so the people driving by can get the best look of your home possible.

Sometimes winter showings can get a bit tricky if prospective buyers come with snow, sand, or salt in their shoes. Make it easy for buyers to deal with their shoes when they arrive by placing a fun, festive rug at the front door so visitors can wipe down their shoes. Then perhaps have slippers or removable booties ready, along with maybe a chair so visitors can easily sit and remove those pesky, dirty boots.

In the winter, sometimes smell can be our enemy. Homes tend to be a bit stuffy in the winter as windows aren’t really opened with our cold Colorado days. That can unfortunately allow those odors to build up which unfortunately may turn your buyers right out the door. Pet odors in the winter can be even worse. Sometimes room fragrances can overwhelm many. If pets are in the home, consider setting your thermostat control so your furnace fan runs consistently throughout the day, keeping the air moving. Try to avoid those strong cooking odors, especially on the day of a showing. However, baked goods are always a hit with the buyers! Bake cookies, brownies, something yummy! Leave a note telling all to help themselves. They’ll appreciate the yummy snack and the yummy smell!

Always have appropriate decorations for Christmas and St. Valentine’s Day. But keep it simple. They may help a home look cheerful during winter months and may help you sell, but don’t go excessive. Keep it small and simple! Decorative white lights on trees and bushes pretty much throughout the winter season is fine, but other decorations should be taken down quickly once the season passes.

Always make the best first impression on buyers with a neat yard. Your walks and steps should be kept clear, especially of that thick Colorado snow and ice.

If you live in a condo, your job as a seller may actually be a bit easier in the winter opposed to homeowners.  No heavy snow to shovel or yard work to maintain. That’s only the case though if your condo’s HOA does their job well. If the HOA isn’t cutting it out, you may need to take responsibility yourself. You may have to go out and keep the entrance areas and hallways clean. If the HOA isn’t getting snow shoveled properly as well, think about buying some de-icing salt and spreading it abundantly around the entry.

We all prefer different temperatures in our homes for the winter but be careful blasting buyers with hot air. Try to keep the home at a comfortable 65 degrees for all your showings. Remember in these Colorado winters that buyers are more than likely to wear their coats throughout the showing. No reason to overheat them!

Speaking of coats, another challenge of selling a home in these winter months is a large amount of cold weather gear. Buyers don’t want to see a room filled with boots or the closet overflowing with heavy winter coats. Move some of those coats to another closet or simply store away those you don’t need anymore. Try to have specific containers for things such as gloves or scarves to keep them from piling up in the front room.

Though there are many challenges in selling a home in these winter months, there are also benefits. Most notably that the buyers out looking for homes in these frigid temperatures are very serious about buying. Therefore, sellers tend to benefit better because each showing is more productive and it will take less showings to sell the property. The challenge will always be to always keep your home “showroom ready” regardless of winter or summer.

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