How to Prepare your Closet for Colorado Summers

Highlands Ranch Real Estate

Highlands Ranch Real Estate 1With record breaking temperatures, our Highlands Ranch weather is starting to become warmer and the days are growing longer. Therefore, it’s time to pack away those bulky winter clothes and make room for the spring and summer clothes! We just need to make sure our winter clothes are stored away properly. Your clothes will look better, wear longer, and will be ready once those cold Colorado winters roll in next year.

Here’s what we can do:

Firstly, you need to wash all of your winter clothes before you pack them up. Yes, even if they haven’t been worn or don’t appear to be dirty. Clothes can sometimes have spots or stains that aren’t readily visible to your eyes, plus when you pull them out, they’ll be clean and ready to go! Use unscented detergents and skip the fabric softener! Those will only attract insects. Don’t forget to take those items that can’t be washed to the dry cleaner!

Secondly, put all of your winter clothes into storage containers. You should ideally use boxes or bags that won’t degrade and will seat out dust, dirt, insects, and moisture.

Next, fold clothing neatly and orderly before adding it to your container. Make sure to pack “loosely”, don’t jam pack it. This will allow air to circulate. Tuck a lavender or cedar sachet into each container to help repel those pesky bugs. Both lavender and ceder are safer to use rather than mothballs and of course, they smell much, much nicer.

For our big, what seems like 500lbs winter coats, use padded hangers and cover them with heavy plastic wardrobe bags. If you don’t have padded hangers, don’t fret. Drape wood hangers with folded towels to fill in the shoulders of your coats without unnecessarily stretching them.

Lastly, always keep your storage boxes and hangers in a dry place, away from sunlight. Sunlight can fade your clothes. Make sure to clean your closets entirely and thoroughly before filling them with your spring and summer clothes. Dust your shelves, ceiling, wipe down bars and flat surfaces, and then give your floor a very thorough vacuuming.

Your closet will then be sparkly clean and fresh and ready for our beautiful Highlands Ranch summers! I don’t know about you guys, but I know us Highlands Ranch Real Estate Agents are more than ready for summer!

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