Tips and Tricks to Selling Your Home

Tips and Tricks to Selling Your HomeA few years ago, the housing market was a breeze. We were able to sell our homes for asking prices and there once upon a time used to be a thing called bidding wars. We thought back then that the housing market would only continue to rise. Well, today this isn’t quite the case. While the housing market is improving after its crash, some still struggle to sell or buy a home. With a few key pointers, these are a few ways to help sell your home:

1. The price is right!
With this day in age, you have to be willing to make some negotiations on the price. In many areas, foreclosures have dropped the prices quite a bit and some homeowners struggle because of this. While you may not be able to cut the prices down to those bank owned homes, you should still do your homework and see what similar homes are going for and undercut those prices. You may not get as many offers compared to foreclosures, but you will definitely get more offers rather than to stubborn sellers who won’t budge on the price. Try hard not to get stuck on a certain price, you have to be able to negotiate. Research on real estate websites such as Zillow and see what similar homes are selling for or call your nearest real estate agent.

2. Lights, camera, action!
Even if you can’t fight with the prices of the nearby foreclosures, you can do your best to make your home look better than the foreclosure down the street. Get your home power washed, touch up your trim and doors, install new exterior lights, and make sure all your plants are healthy and happy. All your hard work should pay off at least by enticing your potential buyer through the door.

3. Clean up, clean up, everybody do your share.
Make sure your home is clear of all clutter. When it’s just you at home, it might be okay to have a mountain of paper on the coffee table or tons of photos everywhere but when you’re selling your home, you need to remember that the potential buyer will want to picture themselves living in the home. Remove your personal photos from the walls and replace them with neutral, framed art. Make sure to take everything off the counter tops to give the appeal of counter space. Store any unnecessary furniture and if possible, remove clothing from your closets to make your closets seem larger. Reduce and remove extra clutter throughout your home to give it the bigger, more spacious feel and buyer friendly.

4. Can we fix it? Yes, we can!
Make sure to address any problems in your home, small or big, prior to selling it. If your house a big problem that will be sure to turn away buyers, fix it. Ugly, old carpet in the living room? Consider changing it with new carpeting or hardwood floors. Make sure to patch up any holes and paint over any scuffs. Anything that can cause an instant dislike or off put to your home should be fixed immediately.

Who you gonna call?

If you ever feel overwhelmed, consider calling in the pros. There’s thousands upon thousands of real estate agents and other professionals willing and ready to help you in any way possible. Contact one today!

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